It is a potential annoyance when we wake up in the middle of the night feeling cold just because there were damages that we forgot to acknowledge and repair on our furnace. While some people are contented with pulling up the covers to stay warm, for people who are used to feeling warm under the cold weather, covers do not suffice.

It is highly recommended that you consult a professional furnace repair in Mississauga they know the right ways on how to properly and skillfully repair the issues without causing further damage and at the same time they have the necessary tools to demonstrate proper repair. However, if you have some little DIY experience and skills, you can probably do a temporary fix until the professional help comes along.

Problem No. 1: it is not producing heat

Solution: you can try resetting the circuit breaker

There are many ways to check on this. First, you would need to check if the thermostat is set into HEAT and dial-up and down to check if you feel any different when you set in different settings.

If you can feel no results, it is time for you to check if the fuse or circuit breaker was blown or tripped. All you need to do is to manually test it by flipping back and forth and staying in the “ON” position.

If this does not still answer the problem, then you probably have some wiring issues. Wiring issues need to be repaired by a professional technician to avoid accidents and fire.

Problem No. 2: Safety switch on the furnace door

If you feel like your furnace is not functioning, one thing you need to check is the safety switch on the furnace door as it prevents the burner and the fan coming while the access panel is removed.

If you feel that you now need to replace the safety switch, follow the step by step instructions:

Ensure the power is off

Prepare the blower door

Wire the safety switch

Check if it turned on and functions

Problem No. 3: Furnace does not produce enough heat

Solution: Check if the filter is blocked or clogged

When you notice that your furnace starts to weaken, you probably need to check when is the last time you cleaned or changed your filter. Filters are necessary as they filter the air from molds, pollen, dust, and other particles in the air.

Replacing your filter is an easy task. However, if you are not confident with your skills, it is better to leave it to the professionals.

Problem No. 4: weakened furnace because of obstruction

Solution: declutter

Another reason why your furnace has weakened is that it might be obstructed with objects and materials in its surroundings.

Clutter can obstruct the air coming out from the furnace, making you feel as if it is dysfunctional. Clear up the mess and you will begin to feel the difference.


We can never stress this enough: it is crucially important to call for professional help. You can just do temporary fix but if you want to have a proper repair, you need to hire a professional company.